Enspire has a range of services and solutions designed to build business security, stability, reliability and, ultimately, profits and client success.

Let us help your organisation succeed using the very best technology, developed and managed by the most qualified people.

Click below to discover in detail how Enspire can provide solutions designed to maintain, grow and protect your business.

  • GoHosted - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • GoDesktop - Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Internet & Network
  • Colocation
  • Voice and Telephony
  • Consulting

GoHosted - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Click here for our Brochure 

Invest in your business not your computers

GoHosted is the opportunity to dynamically consume and manage your virtual machines (VMs) without having to own and operate the physical infrastructure. As opposed to buying servers, licensing and all the other technology your organisation relies on to operate, these can be bundled into a single service that are managed and maintained by our team of experts.

The key features of GoHosted are:
  • Enterprise hardware with flash-tiered storage
  • Azure-consistent self-management experience
  • Integrated backup and disaster recovery services
  • Enterprise security meeting all compliance standards
  • Bring your own licence (BYOL) with software assurance
  • Consumption billing with resource metering
  • Control over your private cloud

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Securing your business history

We know how important it is to recover your data quickly when it's been lost. Your business and your clients often depend on it. We've also seen how often people assumed everything is securely backed up, only to learn that it isn't. As your BaaS provider, we ensure your backups are tested and secured whilst providing regular reporting for your peace of mind.

+ The key features of the Enspire back-up service are:
  • Provides for the backup of VMs and physical servers
  • Offers cloud based storage with retention up to 99 years
  • Provides full server & Item level restoration
  • Offers monitoring and reporting of backup jobs
  • Consumption based billing
  • Australian data sovereignty and compliance

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Facing the unimagineable

How long will your business survive if your IT systems are down? Having the right plan, should the unplanned occur, can make all the difference, and will get you back in business as fast as possible. Enspire are specialists in disaster recovery with a proven record of success. We pride ourselves on a holistic strategy around DRaaS encompassing your people, policies, processes and technology.

+ The key features of the Enspire disaster recovery service are:
  • Affordable, efficient and reliable replication for true Disaster Recovery
  • Scalable and manageable for any workload
  • Meet defined business RPOs and RTOs
  • Advanced Engineering capabilities with robust failover and failback
  • Continual Disaster Recovery testing and management providing genuine peace of mind.
  • Near real-time asynchronous replication

GoDesktop - Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Making your business work 24/7

Keep your business running and staff productive with fast and reliable access to company data and applications from any device at any time. Negate the need to continually invest in server infrastructure and adopt a flexible pay as you go model. 

+ The features of GoDesktop by Enspire are:
  • Telephone and on-site support for your devices and Line of Business Appplications
  • Secure 24x7 application delivery to any device
  • Microsoft Office 365 Plans
  • Rights Management to secure company intellectual property
  • Australian Data compliance
  • Monthly reporting and health system checks
  • Data Loss Prevention (Retaining all data for up to 10 years)
  • Account management

Internet & Network

A tailored network solution

As well as 5G Networks, Enspire provide a full range of data services from all providers giving you the opportunity to select the right service for your organisation.

+ The features offered by Enspire are:
  • Internet access with speeds from 10mb to 10Gbps great for Cloud backups
  • MPLS Private networks
  • Wireless Access 10Mbps to 200mbps
  • Fibre services 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  • 4Gx services
  • Managed routers and firewalls


Peace of mind computing infrastructure

Enspire offers a full range of data centre facilities and capabilities to support any Colocation requirements from providing the ability for you to self manage your infrastructure through to complete management of that infrastructure.

+ Key facility features include:
  • Designed as Tier 4 with (n+2) environmental infrastructure,
  • Housing 330 racks offering up to 12kWatts of cooling per rack,
  • 3.2 MWatts of dedicated power,
  • 2 x 800kVA and 2 x 600kVA modular Thycon UPS,
  • CCTV Camera
  • 3 x Standby Diesel Generators with 28,000 litres of diesel fuel,
  • 3 x Powerpack Chillers supported by 3 x Cooling Towers,
  • Fully monitored and automated Environmental Monitoring Systems and Digital Direct Controllers,
  • 24/7 facility Security Surveillance,
  • Dedicates 24 x 365 Facilities Management Team,
  • Dedicated Customer Build and Test Area,
  • Available Satellite and Antenna Areas.

Voice & Telephony - Click here for our Brochure

Making telephone work harder

Enspire's Voice and Telephony solutions are built using the latest Unified Comms technology ensuring vastly improved organizational communication, and better business outcomes. With competitive pricing, clients save on the fees currently charged from existing traditional phone service providers. Offering true VoiP solutions Enspire can demonstrate how to get the greatest benefit from your most important business tool.

+ The features offered by Enspire are:
  • Full self provisioning and management via a customer portal
  • Ability to confidently retire legacy PABX systems
  • Voice and video mobility. Make and receive calls from any device
  • Reduce telephony OPEX with flexible call routing


Strategy that keeps business profitable and suessful

Enspire's experience over the past 15 years has helped us to progress and develop even better products in partnership with our clients. At the same time, we have built a depth of knowledge about systems, new and emerging technologies and business that affords clients the confidence that Enspire can develop computing services strategy and guidance that will keep business profitable and successful.

Enspire provides a full range of consulting services, all of which can be combined and tailored to meet your needs:

+ The features offered by Enspire are:
  • Cloud consulting

    + More

    The transition to the cloud can be complicated. We have the tools, knowledge and options to assess, advise, inform and implement the right solution, specifically designed to address the needs of your business. We are experts in the hybrid cloud technology stack.

    Helping you move completely to cloud based applications, offering a hybrid solution utilising the best of breed in published application management or offering a full virtual desktop for your users.

  • Conversions & Process Improvement

    + More

    Enspire have successfully helped numerous businesses to transition from an existing line of business applications to new ones. We have specific services to help firms transition from APS, MYOB and most other accounting products to Xero and CCH

    We know that changing products is not purely about getting your information from one to the other but also learning how to use your new application in the best possible way for the greatest benefit to your business and clients. We provide training and implementation with all our conversions or process improvement consultancies.

    Let us help you to make the move.

  • Business continuity

    + More

    As connectedness becomes increasingly important to business so does the need for a business to have robust business continuity strategies encompassing back up and disaster recovery. Enspire has the depth of skills and understanding to ensure business is well positioned to deal with the uncertainty of the future.

  • Other support

    + More

    Enspire offers clients support and strategy development across the full array of computing services such as:

    • Hypervisor VM conversions
    • Office 365 Migrations
    • Hybrid Cloud Integrations
    • Private cloud deployments
    • Remote Desktop Service & Citrix Implementations
    • Business continuity
    • Process automations
    • SharePoint & Data Migrations
    • Cloud assessment and planning