The Challenge


Upon being referred to Enspire, Prahran Mission were very keen to replace their current IT and Network infrastructure with an enhanced facility.

Having successfully assisted Prahran Mission to secure their IT operational enhancements in the first instance – three years later a new challenge emerged - to co-locate new IT infrastructure to further enhance operations and to separate the data and communications networks.

Not only was it imperative to discover a trusted ICT partner to provide the required services, it was equally important to “ease the burden of technical issues on the IT staff at Prahran Mission” whilst working within a “tight budget” stated by Jeremy Bonken, General Manager HR – ICT & Compliance.

The Solution

After deciding to consolidate the challenges to one strategic partner, it was Enspire Australia’s job to provide a detailed plan and business case to replace the existing IT infrastructure and network connections across all of Prahran Mission’s 9 sites. The same applied three years later with the second major change – co-location of infrastructure.

“Enspire’s solutions, whilst highly technical, were presented and managed in such a way that it was quite straightforward when presenting a business case to explain what was required and planned for both challenges”, explained Jeremy. In order for Enspire to provide a straightforward approach, they developed a detailed and clear understanding of Prahran Mission’s business model and day to day operations.

As Jeremy highlighted, “Enspire were very happy to work within the requirements of Prahran Mission and provide education around ‘better than requested’ solutions when the need presented itself.  At all times, the Enspire team were happy to share their knowledge of best practice which made it much easier to communicate the organisations [Prahran Mission] IT Strategy”. By providing such detailed information to prepare Prahran Mission for the changes to come, a “seamless and timely” transition was made where Prahran Mission now benefits from ongoing managed services with onsite and remote support.

The Outcome

One of the greatest benefits for Prahran Mission is having ongoing access to highly trained and experienced technicians through the Enspire Service Desk - “a great asset to both Prahran Mission and no doubt other clients”. This is also achieved through Enspire’s mission in maintaining a high level of customer interaction, supported through personal face to face meetings providing “immense value”.


Having multiple sites across Victoria, Prahran Mission has experienced significant gains, increased performance and productivity amongst staff members and a much higher degree of dependability on what can be delivered from its IT operations. In addition, freeing up resources within the internal IT team, allows for faults or required upgrades to be dealt with in a much quicker timeframe.  “It’s a first class service offering provided by Enspire that’s very highly valued by Prahran Mission” Jeremy expressed.


Jeremy Bonken General Manager HR – ICT & Compliance

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