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The Challenge

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Bourne & Weird were seeking a technology partner who not only supports their ICT environment, but intimately understands their business and can provide a vision relevant to the future of their business and ICT environment. Following a recommendation from their tax software provider, Bourne & Weir made the decision to engage in a partnership with Enspire Australia.

The firm needed to undergo a complete overhaul of their IT infrastructure, comprising of software and hardware upgrades to improve business efficiency and functionality. A key challenge was ensuring customer satisfaction following a poor experience from previous IT providers.

The Solution

Enspire have become a strategic partner and trusted advisor, allowing the partnership between the two companies to evolve over the last couple of years. A dedicated team was deployed to assist the client through every step of the transformation. This team developed a clear understanding of how Bourne & Weir ran their business and how IT was used as an enabler. The team quickly uncovered where improvement was required and demonstrated the knowledge and expertise to design and implement relevant changes.

Enspire now provide a full range of Managed ICT Services. Bourne & Weir have now seamlessly undergone successful migrations from on premise Exchange to Microsoft Office365, upgraded from ADSL to a Fibre network and transitioned from Small Business Server (SBS) to Full Virtualisation. Their systems can now be moved easily if they ever experience a hardware fault or decide to upgrade their systems again without requiring a rebuild.  In turn, this integrates with Enspire’s Backup as a Service (BaaS), which was introduced to run regular backups, whilst providing regular reporting for the client’s proactive management.

The Outcome

The biggest benefit for Bourne & Weir is having a single point of contact to ensure a clear line of communication that has developed an element of mutual respect and trust. They now find themselves in a position of control and risk mitigation, where their ICT is “running smoothly” and are at a point where “service calls are minimal” for the first time in a number of years.

“We feel that this [Enspire’s] personalised approach benefits Bourne & Weir as that is how we too operate our business. We do not feel like we are just a ‘number’ when it comes to Enspire”.


Shae Isaac – Office and Corporate Affairs Administrator

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