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Reap the benefits of DaaS


Reap the benefits of DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is expected to grow 29% over the next 5 years. DaaS is a cloud based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that reduces capital expenditure while maintaining centralised desktop control and security, backup and disaster recovery. Ultimately, the cloud based desktop gives business the flexibility to rapidly deploy desktops and applications via the cloud to any device, anytime.


For businesses that are foreign to cloud infrastructure, it is important to understand the core features and benefits of adopting Desktop as a Service.


Business Expansion

DaaS provides business the ability to recruit new team members on both a national and international level, giving business the opportunity to expand operations into foreign areas. The expansion opportunities supported by DaaS coincide with the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreements that aim to encourage the growth and expansion of Australian business. Globalisation plays a major role in the world of business, especially in Australia, allowing Australian business to engage with the rest of the world and promote economic growth.


Increased productivity

Increased productivity is a topic that is frequently covered as it is a key component of any cloud based computing. It allows for flexible working arrangements for employees, allowing them to work remotely at any time. This also compliments the modern workplace with hot desking, allowing businesses to accommodate a centralised workplace resulting in a reduction in office footprint and ultimately decreasing overhead costs – something that will keep your boss happy!


Satisfy Security Compliance

DaaS gives business the capability to maintain security compliances. Cloud service providers understand that clients rely on compliance certificates, regular assessments and audits. Sensitive data will remain secure under any circumstance where business will benefit from daily backups, fully encrypted communication through secure and compliant data centres.


Small and mid-sized organisations

DaaS is an ideal gateway for those that have not yet adopted cloud infrastructure. It is also beneficial for organisations that don’t sustain the in house IT resources to manage and deploy physical or traditional virtual desktops.


For businesses that find themselves in a position to introduce DaaS, discover Enspire’s GoHosted DaaS flexible solution that will satisfy your business requirements or reach out to an expert on 1300 366 394.