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Avoiding the Unavoidable - Unplanned Downtime


Avoiding the Unavoidable - Unplanned Downtime

A 2017 survey discovered that 82% of companies have experienced at least one unplanned downtime outage over the past 3 years, with the average number of outages across all sectors standing at 2.


Data loss and downtime is costly. Upon experiencing downtime, productivity and customer service are often the hardest hit, giving companies significant and damaging repercussions. Have you ever questioned how much money your business can lose every minute, hour or day? According to analyst firm Aberdeen Group, the cost of downtime can reach up to $260,000 per hour, a cost that is not often quantified amongst businesses.


Now more than ever, businesses big and small are embracing cloud technologies to keep up with modern demands. Therefore, applications and workloads within organisations are being transferred across various infrastructures, leaving the infrastructure of businesses in a constant state of modernisation, making it is increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain and develop a Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy.


Prevention is key. Often a huge motivator in initiating a DR plan is when businesses are aware of, or have experienced the significant costs involved in suffering downtime.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the ideal solution to mitigate and prevent any risks and safeguard your data should you experience unplanned downtime caused by power outages, natural disasters or simply, human error. A DRaaS solution enables businesses to easily develop and maintain a plan. We’ve seen people assume all data is securely backed up, only to discover that it isn’t. DRaaS goes beyond replicating data and applications. The level of automation allows DRaaS to keep up with the rapid rate of change and backs up your data with every change, whilst keeping systems available for everyday business operations.  


Disaster recovery is a solution that is often outsourced to a third-party provider, exposing businesses to unforeseen areas of strategy to prevent and manage unplanned downtime. As expected, DR and backup often require a lot of time and effort therefore, outsourcing your disaster recovery will provide you with piece of mind, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.


To learn more about disaster recovery and how to remain prepared for any unplanned downtime, call our expert team today on 1300 366 394.




Being responsive over the Holiday season


Being responsive over the Holiday season

Looking out for loved ones over the holiday season is important to everyone. That’s why the Enspire support team will be available throughout, ensuring that those in need have a helping hand. Enspire’s core belief is being aware about a problem before clients are aware and have the chance to share the impact of an issue.

With one of the busiest weeks of the year and Christmas now behind us, providing ongoing managed services is key and a service that any successful business values most. Disasters can be catastrophic for any business big or small and are mostly unexpected.

A key factor when choosing your cloud service provider is the reliability and performance of the service team. Enspire’s core value to provide best in class customer service remains key, allowing us to satisfy the ongoing needs of all clients no matter what time of the year.

However, downtime is inevitable and every cloud provider will experience it at some point. It’s how the provider deals with that downtime that counts and what measures they go to avoid such downtime. When considering your move to the cloud, ensure the monitoring and reporting tools on offer are sufficient and can integrate into your overall management and reporting systems.


Experience ultimate customer service coupled with bespoke cloud solutions by contacting an Enspire expert today on 1300 366 394.


Reap the benefits of DaaS


Reap the benefits of DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is expected to grow 29% over the next 5 years. DaaS is a cloud based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that reduces capital expenditure while maintaining centralised desktop control and security, backup and disaster recovery. Ultimately, the cloud based desktop gives business the flexibility to rapidly deploy desktops and applications via the cloud to any device, anytime.


For businesses that are foreign to cloud infrastructure, it is important to understand the core features and benefits of adopting Desktop as a Service.


Business Expansion

DaaS provides business the ability to recruit new team members on both a national and international level, giving business the opportunity to expand operations into foreign areas. The expansion opportunities supported by DaaS coincide with the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreements that aim to encourage the growth and expansion of Australian business. Globalisation plays a major role in the world of business, especially in Australia, allowing Australian business to engage with the rest of the world and promote economic growth.


Increased productivity

Increased productivity is a topic that is frequently covered as it is a key component of any cloud based computing. It allows for flexible working arrangements for employees, allowing them to work remotely at any time. This also compliments the modern workplace with hot desking, allowing businesses to accommodate a centralised workplace resulting in a reduction in office footprint and ultimately decreasing overhead costs – something that will keep your boss happy!


Satisfy Security Compliance

DaaS gives business the capability to maintain security compliances. Cloud service providers understand that clients rely on compliance certificates, regular assessments and audits. Sensitive data will remain secure under any circumstance where business will benefit from daily backups, fully encrypted communication through secure and compliant data centres.


Small and mid-sized organisations

DaaS is an ideal gateway for those that have not yet adopted cloud infrastructure. It is also beneficial for organisations that don’t sustain the in house IT resources to manage and deploy physical or traditional virtual desktops.


For businesses that find themselves in a position to introduce DaaS, discover Enspire’s GoHosted DaaS flexible solution that will satisfy your business requirements or reach out to an expert on 1300 366 394.




The digital workplace


The digital workplace

It’s hard to grasp the modern workplace and understand where to draw the line between the physical office and the place where work actually happens. Now more than ever, workplaces are increasingly digital, allowing the entire workforce to communicate and collaborate in many new and effective ways, ultimately allowing for productive business relationships beyond the natural work groups, enabling knowledge sharing across the organisation. 

At the EUC 2017 insights, attendees were questioned, “What is your definition of a digital workplace?”- where many attendees agreed that it involves a digital, virtual, paperless and sometimes cloud-based place, platform or environment.

Working anywhere, anytime

A VMware report discovered that employees are spending 50-60% of their time away from their desks suggesting that businesses of all sizes are creating digital workspaces, allowing employees to access data anywhere anytime. The key here is that employees expect to work and complete what they need to complete when they want from any location. Mobile access lies under the digital workspace and plays a major role in allowing employees to work remotely, as 71% of employees agreeing to spending 2 plus hours per week accessing company information on mobile devices.

New revenue streams

Adopting a digital workspace is not all about providing access to work anywhere anytime. 48% of companies that have successfully implemented a digital workspace or mobility initiatives see improvements in their ability to rapidly bring new revenue streams online. Improving customer loyalty and efficiency in reacting to customer requests and demands with technological advancement, acts as a key factor in increasing revenue, allowing companies to handle and satisfy more customers at any given time. Additionally, mobility adopters have witnessed an average of 150% ROI, with a main cause being increased agility to capitalise on new revenue opportunities.

The digital workplace has now become a must, empowering employees with the latest digital tools to satisfy the modern requirements of the digital workplace. If your business has not yet stepped into an entire digital workplace, the expert Enspire team are immediately on hand to take your business to the next level. Find an expert online or call 1300 366 394.


How does the Cloud keep up with Black Friday demand?


How does the Cloud keep up with Black Friday demand?

The migration of consumers shopping online rather than in store continues to rise dramatically year on year. This trend is replicated on one of the biggest shopping days on the calendar, Black Friday, where online sales surpassed $3.34 billion (Deborah Weinswig, Forbes) in 2016 and expected to increase yet again in 2017. So how does cloud infrastructure cope with the high demands in a single day, with other countries capitalising on the American Thanks Giving tradition?

Auto Scaling

Auto-scaling is the cloud computing service feature that has the ability to automatically add and remove computer resources depending upon actual usage. In simple terms, the higher the usage, more unused computer resources will be removed to allow for higher abrupt usage rates. A feature as such is undoubtedly required when an estimated 108.5 million American shoppers alone shopped online over the Black Friday weekend in 2016 (Phil Whaba, Fortune). With market leaders Amazon leading the way in the online shopping sector, traditional retailers are spending billions in online shopping infrastructure to remain competitive, leading to sharper e-commerce performances for retailers. Maintaining optimum cloud performances with features such as auto-scaling is allowing many retailers to boast online sales growth.

Online shopping with cloud infrastructure

Think Black Friday and think massive lines across all shopping centers. With many traditional retailers continuing to invest in online retailing, retailers are giving customers the option to avoid lines and make purchases at the touch of their fingertips. However, online shopping is not all about allowing retailers to avoid lines, its about generating alternative revenue streams and generating new data for innovative thinking, all made possible by the cloud.


Ultimately, customers expect a seamless customer experience with no downtime, ultimate efficiency and ease of use. Such expectations are undoubtedly expected on days like Black Friday, meaning cloud infrastructure must keep up with consumers buying more and buying faster, where the cloud must provide accurate inventory records with its real-time data capabilities.  The cloud will make such information accessible for both parties on any device for a more streamlined, integrated process, allowing businesses to calculate how much stock is needed and what has the highest demand on the big day.

The unimaginable on Black Friday

Should the unimaginable occur on Black Friday, where an online retailer may crash, the cloud’s Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) will provide online retailers with fast, real-time asynchronous data replication for true data recovery. Providing retailers have a sustainable partnership with a cloud service provider, a disaster recovery plan should be in place to allow for a smooth recovery under such circumstances.


Enspire remain leaders in cloud infrastructure, sustaining a proven track record in disaster recovery and providing optimum cloud services to wide range of diverse corporations.


To ensure your business is equipped to keep up with high demands similar of Black Friday, contact an Enspire expert today on 1300 366 394 or visit our website


Whats holding you back from benefitting


Whats holding you back from benefitting

Last week we met with 3 providers of the most widely used cloud based applications specific to the accounting industry.

They all mentioned that there is a crucial piece to their puzzle that is missing in order for clients to get the full benefit of using their "cloud based" application.

The biggest issue being that no matter what, there is always 1 or 2 applications that do not have a cloud option so firms are still stuck with having to spend money on capital items such as servers and in-house equipment. In many cases, investing in IT departments to support these applications and their hardware.

This almost negates the financial benefit that cloud applications provide.

The thing is, we have the perfect solution to solve this problem for all of them.

We take those applications that are desktop based or where the cloud version of the desktop application is far more expensive, and host the application\s for you.

This means:

  • You get all the benefit as if your application was a cloud based application
  • No infrastructure costs
  • Only invest in the consumption component and not the equipment component
  • Far better stability and reliability of those same desktop applications
  • Massively increased security that would normally be out of reach for an individual firm
  • Constant monitoring and maintenance
  • Updates able to be applied instantly, available to all users without needing to go from desk to desk to make any changes. 

Our solution is not a virtual desktop that turns your workstations into dumb terminals.

Its published applications accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device, just like your cloud based applications.

If you're not considering this as an option, you're throwing money away on things like infrastructure when you've already made the decision to move some of your business to the cloud to avoid this exact thing. 

There is no need to waste any more time. We are extremely happy to just have a conversation and help you on your way to improving your firm and helping you to become more profitable through reducing your costs. 

We are experts in this field and have so many professional services firms already benefiting. You can too.

Our details are below. Get in touch and see how we can help.


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