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Telephony is really changing


Telephony is really changing

Its amazing how fast office telephony is changing right now when it remained stagnant for so long.

Office VoiP systems have been around but never really been proper VoiP systems to offer a financial benefit to organisations.

They've continued to require internal infrastructure to support them.

Organisations still required NBX, PABX and ISDN on-ramps (those boxy things you have in your office) that cost additional money to use what you thought was going to be a system that worked over the internet.

Skype for Business is making real in-roads globally but in Australia, because of political issues with the existing big players in the industry (Telstra and Optus), the true benefits of a Skype for business solution isn't quite complete.

We've recently partnered with Access4 and the results have been exceptional.

Offering true VoiP telephony.

In fact you don't even need a handset anymore.

Even greater is that your mobile phone becomes part of the office phone environment giving you the ability to make and receive calls as if you were sitting at your desk.

Your mobile phone rings when People call your direct line (not forwarded but duplicated) and able to make calls as if you were calling from your desk, from your office phone number. Finally you could be at the beach and working without anyone knowing any different. Except for the sound of the waves and the birds chirping.

Features like chat, conferencing, video conferencing and an advanced interface are all available from your desktop phone, your mobile phone and your computer or tablet. 

The greatest result of it all is that in every case where we have moved a client to this system, we have reduced their monthly telephone bills by more than 50%. Every month.

For $20 per month, each user can make uncapped national and mobile calls. So if i have 10 people in my office, it wont cost more than $200 per month for calls. If i have 50 people, it won't cost me more than  $1,000 per month.

The average 10 person professional services firm is paying over $1,000 per month today on a standard system, even a VoiP system. The saving is genuinely substantial without losing anything but gaining numerous benefits that traditional phone systems can't offer.

These saving mean you can invest more in growing your business, improving your staff, taking a break or actually getting real value from your main business tool, your telephone.

We'd be happy to take you through the details and make a real difference to where your investment of your money goes so we can help you put it to better use.

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