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Whats holding you back from benefitting


Whats holding you back from benefitting

Last week we met with 3 providers of the most widely used cloud based applications specific to the accounting industry.

They all mentioned that there is a crucial piece to their puzzle that is missing in order for clients to get the full benefit of using their "cloud based" application.

The biggest issue being that no matter what, there is always 1 or 2 applications that do not have a cloud option so firms are still stuck with having to spend money on capital items such as servers and in-house equipment. In many cases, investing in IT departments to support these applications and their hardware.

This almost negates the financial benefit that cloud applications provide.

The thing is, we have the perfect solution to solve this problem for all of them.

We take those applications that are desktop based or where the cloud version of the desktop application is far more expensive, and host the application\s for you.

This means:

  • You get all the benefit as if your application was a cloud based application
  • No infrastructure costs
  • Only invest in the consumption component and not the equipment component
  • Far better stability and reliability of those same desktop applications
  • Massively increased security that would normally be out of reach for an individual firm
  • Constant monitoring and maintenance
  • Updates able to be applied instantly, available to all users without needing to go from desk to desk to make any changes. 

Our solution is not a virtual desktop that turns your workstations into dumb terminals.

Its published applications accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device, just like your cloud based applications.

If you're not considering this as an option, you're throwing money away on things like infrastructure when you've already made the decision to move some of your business to the cloud to avoid this exact thing. 

There is no need to waste any more time. We are extremely happy to just have a conversation and help you on your way to improving your firm and helping you to become more profitable through reducing your costs. 

We are experts in this field and have so many professional services firms already benefiting. You can too.

Our details are below. Get in touch and see how we can help.


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