A 2017 survey discovered that 82% of companies have experienced at least one unplanned downtime outage over the past 3 years, with the average number of outages across all sectors standing at 2.


Data loss and downtime is costly. Upon experiencing downtime, productivity and customer service are often the hardest hit, giving companies significant and damaging repercussions. Have you ever questioned how much money your business can lose every minute, hour or day? According to analyst firm Aberdeen Group, the cost of downtime can reach up to $260,000 per hour, a cost that is not often quantified amongst businesses.


Now more than ever, businesses big and small are embracing cloud technologies to keep up with modern demands. Therefore, applications and workloads within organisations are being transferred across various infrastructures, leaving the infrastructure of businesses in a constant state of modernisation, making it is increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain and develop a Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy.


Prevention is key. Often a huge motivator in initiating a DR plan is when businesses are aware of, or have experienced the significant costs involved in suffering downtime.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the ideal solution to mitigate and prevent any risks and safeguard your data should you experience unplanned downtime caused by power outages, natural disasters or simply, human error. A DRaaS solution enables businesses to easily develop and maintain a plan. We’ve seen people assume all data is securely backed up, only to discover that it isn’t. DRaaS goes beyond replicating data and applications. The level of automation allows DRaaS to keep up with the rapid rate of change and backs up your data with every change, whilst keeping systems available for everyday business operations.  


Disaster recovery is a solution that is often outsourced to a third-party provider, exposing businesses to unforeseen areas of strategy to prevent and manage unplanned downtime. As expected, DR and backup often require a lot of time and effort therefore, outsourcing your disaster recovery will provide you with piece of mind, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.


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