No two people are the same and the same applies to data, where journeys to the cloud are different for every business. That’s why there are many different ways businesses can step into the cloud. There are different aspects for your business to consider, whether to adopt a public or private cloud or Hybrid cloud, is your internet connection going to handle the large volumes of bandwidth and setting up a Virtual Private Network Connection (VPN).

Public, Private or Hybrid?

The main difference between a public and private cloud is that you are not responsible for any of the management of a public cloud hosting solution. The public cloud is often ideal for the small to medium sized business that experience fluctuating demands and don’t deal with highly sensitive data. Conversely, the private cloud is ideal for those business that deal with sensitive data that must be protected. The private cloud also has the ability to be more tailored to suit your specific business IT needs. In recent times, business have the option to deploy both a public and private cloud with Hybrid cloud solutions, allowing business to combine the two, giving you a highly flexible, agile and cost-effective solution.

Internet connection

To run your business in the cloud, your internet connection, speed and quality must be performing at its best as the most common pathway to the cloud is the internet connection. The highest quality of internet is required as cloud applications and backup protocols can use large volumes of bandwidth. This is often the case when large files of images, videos and sound are stored in the cloud however, if text files and documents are only being stored, the impact of your bandwidth may be minor.

VPN Connection

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is often desirable for business that is dealing with sensitive data. The VPN access enforces permission for those that want to access the VPN network that ultimately eliminates security woes of cyber-attacks through Wi-Fi hotspots and backdoor methods. However, VPN’s do have limitations depending on the usage and it is encouraged that you discuss such limitations with your provider to ensure your data will remain secure.


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