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GoDesktop, Enspire’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS), provides the flexible solution that suits your business risk and budget profiles. Deploying desktops and your desktop environment to employees has never been easier and more secure than through Enspire’s managed and integrated cloud service.


GoDesktop has undergone major upgrades. A major influence of the upgrade has been the understanding of our clients and satisfying their fundamental requirements. Following the evolution of GoDesktop, GoDesktop 2 and 3 platforms, we have now launched the all new GDX, delivering the most advanced cloud service offering, ensuring a scalable, secure and efficient solutions for any business.


With security and efficiency being paramount in all things cloud, GDX satisfies beneficial outcomes to satisfy those key requirements. Increased security has been a key focus in the upgrade, with the function of having single sign in user identity capability, giving users the ability to share one identity across multiple applications, ensuring a secure yet efficient way of working.


Enspire understand that every minute counts for our clients and efficiency is crucial. That’s why the GDX feature set delivers significant efficiency gains, with improved system performances, faster login/off times and faster application response times, allowing clients to make the most of their days from the minute they log on.


With video content a large part of modern business, major advancements to graphical and multimedia have been put in place to allow for better image rendering and video capability. A feature that contributes to the new Skype for Business application, ensuring that video and sound quality for both phone calls and online meetings are sharper than ever.


A snapshot of the overall upgrades is listed below:


·       New software means faster login times and virtual removal of profile corruptions 

·       Local mail caching significantly improves search function and opening and closing of mail 

·       New operating system improves graphics and mobile function enhancing user experience 

·       Upgraded backend application improves performance, reliability and support capabilities 

·       Office 365 integration includes all the latest applications so you can do more in less time

·       Skype for Business 2016 lets you quickly connect with others across your company or      around the world with calls, video chats and scheduled online meetings

·       Citrix upgrade includes security, support and visual enhancements for improved functions 

·       New hardware platform incudes latest design features for enhanced user performance 

·       Client access portal gives individual users the ability to manage their own accounts 

·       Disaster recovery option with replicated server in the cloud to get you back online fast. 



A variety of clients have begun the GDX migration with clients migrating from their own managed service environments and from the GD2 and GD3 platforms. For clients that are looking to take their business IT to the next level, the GDX platform will avail all modern business requirements. Call an expert on 1300 366 394 for more information.