The tech industry is widely dominated by males across the globe. Down under, as little as 31% of the IT sector is made up of women, in comparison to the finance and insurance industry that is made up by 56% of females.

Despite years of campaigning for gender equality in the workplace, this still remains an issue within the sector. However, in Australia, things are on the up as major tech companies are eager to employ women, compared to the industry in the US where it is heavily dominated by males. CEO of Girl Geek Academy Sarah Moran decided to open up her headquarters in Australia rather than the Silicon Valley, purely because of the fact that Americans “really don’t care” about women’s involvement.

Thoughtworks, a global tech company with just over 300 employees across Australia, prides itself on maintaining a 50% rate of females in their workplace, playing a major role in improving gender diversity across the industry. This is a company that beat Google and Facebook for top companies of women in tech. This citation recognises the active commitment to achieving gender equality in Australian workplaces, in particularly the tech industry.

So, what is it really like working in a male dominated industry? Enspire’s Suzanna is part of the finance team, a bright young female that loves her work place. Although Suzanna is not a tech person herself, she is surrounded by tech people every day and believes that working for a tech company “is a fantastic environment with a great bunch of caring people that create a great workplace culture”. For some, it may also be daunting to even consider joining a tech company, where “people may think they must be up to date with all technology” to succeed in a career, however this is not the case.


Although we are experiencing such diversity challenges within the industry, we have come a long way from the challenges faced some 30 years ago. Enspire are on the rise and are identifying females that are looking to pursue a career within the industry. An industry that is full of exciting experiences with advancements occurring every day, is sure to provide an exciting career for all females.


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