As the end of 2017 looms, we assess what has occurred and look forward with the aim to predict the future trends ahead. Cloud computing has been part of business operations for quiet sometime now, long enough that we expect significant cloud advancements year after year. IT professionals are now turning their attention to how they can use cloud computing to accomplish business objectives throughout 2018, and what advancements will best suit their business model.


Increased cloud storage

Technology is moving faster than we can imagine, giving tech companies a constant battle to keep up with increasing demand across all sectors. With cloud services being a crucial aspect to business functionality, data centres are facing a battle with an urge to increase available storage to meet demands. A Cisco survey estimates that the global storage in data centres is estimated to reach a global storage capacity of 1.1 Zettabytes (ZB), approximately twice the space available in 2017. So, what does this mean for business? For small business, bespoke storage options will become available at much lower rates than 2017, allowing small business to become more agile in storing their data. Businesses that are involved with Big Data will be able to use this increased space to store large data sets, perform analytics on them, and harvest valuable insights into areas such as customer behavior, human systems, and strategic financial investments. 


The Internet of Everything (IoE)

The ability to allow humans to interact more intelligently than ever with extreme dependency of machine to machine communication. Cloud computing will have an imperative role in the development of IoE as more complex systems will be created to bridge all communication platforms used by humans. The way humans and machines interact with each other is predicted to dramatically change forever, where machines will have more access to data to expand networking opportunities, allowing pretty much everything to talk to each other. Stay tuned for future reports in this area!


A more agile business

An agile business is constantly evolving, and able to adapt to both internal and external factors to meet their customer’s requirements. The future of Cloud computing will allow businesses to be more adaptable than ever. In particularly with increased cloud storage and the introduction of the Internet of Everything, organisations are going to be generating and analysing data like never before, allowing for business to better interact with current and potential clients and become increasingly agile in decision making.


With one in three Australian business now running on cloud services and cloud adoption rates on the rise, let your business reap the rewards of what cloud services have to offer to better your business and satisfy your company objectives in 2018. Contact an Enspire expert today on 1300 366 394 or visit our website