It’s hard to grasp the modern workplace and understand where to draw the line between the physical office and the place where work actually happens. Now more than ever, workplaces are increasingly digital, allowing the entire workforce to communicate and collaborate in many new and effective ways, ultimately allowing for productive business relationships beyond the natural work groups, enabling knowledge sharing across the organisation. 

At the EUC 2017 insights, attendees were questioned, “What is your definition of a digital workplace?”- where many attendees agreed that it involves a digital, virtual, paperless and sometimes cloud-based place, platform or environment.

Working anywhere, anytime

A VMware report discovered that employees are spending 50-60% of their time away from their desks suggesting that businesses of all sizes are creating digital workspaces, allowing employees to access data anywhere anytime. The key here is that employees expect to work and complete what they need to complete when they want from any location. Mobile access lies under the digital workspace and plays a major role in allowing employees to work remotely, as 71% of employees agreeing to spending 2 plus hours per week accessing company information on mobile devices.

New revenue streams

Adopting a digital workspace is not all about providing access to work anywhere anytime. 48% of companies that have successfully implemented a digital workspace or mobility initiatives see improvements in their ability to rapidly bring new revenue streams online. Improving customer loyalty and efficiency in reacting to customer requests and demands with technological advancement, acts as a key factor in increasing revenue, allowing companies to handle and satisfy more customers at any given time. Additionally, mobility adopters have witnessed an average of 150% ROI, with a main cause being increased agility to capitalise on new revenue opportunities.

The digital workplace has now become a must, empowering employees with the latest digital tools to satisfy the modern requirements of the digital workplace. If your business has not yet stepped into an entire digital workplace, the expert Enspire team are immediately on hand to take your business to the next level. Find an expert online or call 1300 366 394.