The migration of consumers shopping online rather than in store continues to rise dramatically year on year. This trend is replicated on one of the biggest shopping days on the calendar, Black Friday, where online sales surpassed $3.34 billion (Deborah Weinswig, Forbes) in 2016 and expected to increase yet again in 2017. So how does cloud infrastructure cope with the high demands in a single day, with other countries capitalising on the American Thanks Giving tradition?

Auto Scaling

Auto-scaling is the cloud computing service feature that has the ability to automatically add and remove computer resources depending upon actual usage. In simple terms, the higher the usage, more unused computer resources will be removed to allow for higher abrupt usage rates. A feature as such is undoubtedly required when an estimated 108.5 million American shoppers alone shopped online over the Black Friday weekend in 2016 (Phil Whaba, Fortune). With market leaders Amazon leading the way in the online shopping sector, traditional retailers are spending billions in online shopping infrastructure to remain competitive, leading to sharper e-commerce performances for retailers. Maintaining optimum cloud performances with features such as auto-scaling is allowing many retailers to boast online sales growth.

Online shopping with cloud infrastructure

Think Black Friday and think massive lines across all shopping centers. With many traditional retailers continuing to invest in online retailing, retailers are giving customers the option to avoid lines and make purchases at the touch of their fingertips. However, online shopping is not all about allowing retailers to avoid lines, its about generating alternative revenue streams and generating new data for innovative thinking, all made possible by the cloud.


Ultimately, customers expect a seamless customer experience with no downtime, ultimate efficiency and ease of use. Such expectations are undoubtedly expected on days like Black Friday, meaning cloud infrastructure must keep up with consumers buying more and buying faster, where the cloud must provide accurate inventory records with its real-time data capabilities.  The cloud will make such information accessible for both parties on any device for a more streamlined, integrated process, allowing businesses to calculate how much stock is needed and what has the highest demand on the big day.

The unimaginable on Black Friday

Should the unimaginable occur on Black Friday, where an online retailer may crash, the cloud’s Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) will provide online retailers with fast, real-time asynchronous data replication for true data recovery. Providing retailers have a sustainable partnership with a cloud service provider, a disaster recovery plan should be in place to allow for a smooth recovery under such circumstances.


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