Let me start by letting you know that I’m not an engineering guru when it comes to virtualisation.

What I do know is the business case that comes with virtualisation decisions for any size business.

I look around our office and see all the engineering gurus, and to be honest, I’m happy not to be one – Those handsome devils.

Today I wanted to write about our experience changing from VMWare to Hyper V.

Several months ago we spent a lot of time undertaking a highly successful project to convert 100’s of Virtual Machines from VMWare to Hyper V.


The results of which are amazing in every way.

The first win was actually proving that it could be done, and done well.

We developed an amazing, simple, fast and effective way to automate the process.

Secondly, the result is a better performing, easier to manage and feature rich solution.

The benefit of Hyper V in reference to being feature rich is its compatibility with all things Microsoft.

So when we think about everything around a virtual machine, such as back up, Disaster Recovery, Firewalls, Co-Location, growing or moving infrastructure, the fact that we were effectively dealing with a single platform made things so much more simple.

This fact also avoided a lot of extra costs for additional modules that are all part of the Hyper V or Windows Server architecture that it all sits on.

Additionally, this helps to integrate with Azure for everything from Storage to backup and replication.

Lastly is the magnitude of the cost saving.

It is amazing the difference in bottom line effect that a change from VMWare to Hyper V made for the 100’s of virtual machines we’re referring to.

The savings in license costs alone is in the tens of thousands.

If we take away the pure dollar benefit and talk to our engineers about how they feel after the change, the feedback is amazing.

Surprisingly, each of them mentioned the benefit of retiring tape libraries.

This seems to be a burden most of us overlook till it disappears.

Its amazing how our engineer’s eyes light up when they explain how much of a hassle it was maintaining tape libraries, tape drives and the tapes themselves. 

In conclusion, we always go back on a project and review any lost benefits or negative impacts a change has made.

In every single case, we couldn’t find one.

We have successfully moved all the VM’s from one platform to another, lost nothing, gained so much and reduced costs substantially.

We’d almost say we are experts in this exact type of project.

So if your using VMWare for your virtual environment and would like to know what changing to Hyper V would mean technically and financially, get in touch.

If you’re thinking about the challenge of a VMWare to Hyper V conversion and it seems too big to even consider, let us show you why it’s worth making the change now.

If you’re looking a partner with proven expertise improving your virtual environment, get in touch and let us help you get there.

We’ve got everything you need, including the people, expertise and support.

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