Enspire is a people company. This trait became evident during the history mapping session of our annual retreat on the weekend. As people told their stories, we saw how much we value personal connections and why our relationships are so strong. It was a powerful exercise that gave everyone better context to how our culture emerged.

Like most retreats, there was plenty of down time and opportunities for cross team socialising. But with a great Myer-Briggs facilitator, we learnt lots about ourselves (why don’t school have broader curriculums?!) and each other. One of the more interesting debates regarded extraversion. Extreme introverts can feel under pressure when extraverts ‘drag’ them into a group at a party. This awareness horrified some extroverts but the introverts said they were often grateful after overcoming their initial resistance.

Introverts get to practice their non-preference regularly, but who’s helping the extreme extraverts at practicing introversion? Like players with the ability to kick on their non-preferred foot, we can gain a lot by exercising our weaker sides. It was a fun and interesting weekend!