CryptoLocker, RansomWare, your files and protection

 Backup as a Service is something you need to consider. Call us.

Over the past several weeks we have had clients realise how valuable it is to have Enspire taking care of them.

See the "Avoid RansomWare" section below the following information.

The negative experience of being inadvertently infected with some of the most sophisticated viruses and RansomWare in the world today, Enspire clients have been rescued and recovered. 

Our clients have benefited from the securities we have in place to make sure you're protected. In the event the unavoidable happens, we have everything in order to get you back up and running without losing your most valuable asset, your data. 

Below are some things to look for, tell your staff to be cautious of and ways you can ensure protection of your business and its files is maintained. 

Please read this carefully and send round to all your staff to make them aware of the role each individual plays in protecting your information.

Keep in mind that we are talking about RansomWare which means that you can be extorted financially to recover your data.

To date, not one Enspire client has had to consider something like paying a ransom and we have saved those affected in every case. 

Avoid us having to save you by knowing what to look for.

Most common culprit emails display links from the following companies and organisation.

Avoid RansomWare

  • Keep your staff informed about what to look for and avoid opening unsolicited messages
  • If an attack is suspected, call us at Enspire immediately on 1300 366 392 or email to
  • Ensure you have a backup system and that it is working and current

o    Backing up to tape is not fastest way to protect and recover your data.

o    Speak to us about Backup as a Service and retain control of your data removing the responsibility of maintaining tapes, storing them offsite or not knowing if the tape quality is sufficient

  • Ensure your Antivirus and Malware system is installed and up to date
    • RansomWare evolves at a faster rate than antivirus providers can effectively manage. This is not enough to protect you entirely.
  • Manage your file permissions effectively restricting access to critical files for those who don't require access
  • End user security training - keep your staff up to date and trained on what to look for, avoid and report. We'd love to be part of your training program if we can help in any way.

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Steve Karro

Client Enablement Manager