Windows Server is the workhorse for millions of businesses so this is a radical question!
Last week, I was invited to Microsoft’s Cloud and Hosting Summit in Seattle.
As Mark Russinovich, the CTO of Azure, presented his strategy, it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen the wood for the trees.

Not being a developer, it easy to ignore the evolution in software architecture.
The long-standing approach has been the 3-tier model of Web, Business Logic and Data.
This Monolithic model was tightly coupled and entirely dependent on the server OS.

The world is being overrun by ‘apps’, and the services they deliver, think Uber!
These cloud-born apps have to scale massively and run globally so they are built under the new model of Microservices.
Microservices have specific, containerised functions – much like how electronics adopted modular parts that could be easily swapped and replaced.

A Service Fabric acts as a ‘brain’ to control and schedule these Microservices on VMs.
This all but reduces the OS role of the VM to a dumb resource like the underlying hardware.

This is long-term speculation but it seems to me that the server OS could become the new Mainframe.
We’ll likely ‘lift and shift’ them into the cloud and let them remotely serve up their legacy Applications.
It’s a radical thought for what has powered the applications of most businesses for decades!

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