Your branding is tired and your website is so old that you can't read it without a full-sized desktop.

You're desperate to align your visuals to your vision but you only have pocket change... what do you do?

Firstly, don't confuse experts for impact and budget with bad.

Last week, Enspire launched our new website. It's inspiring staff, drawing compliments and reaching prospects to win new business. Here's the simple recipe that anyone could follow.

  1. Clarity - gather some key concepts and get really clear on what you're trying to achieve. We wanted a pedestal to project who we are and why you might like us.
  2. Personality - define 3 key traits that are non-negotiable to the way you do business. For us, they were inspiration, genuine and engaging. These ingredients should be baked in at every level. For us, engaging meant telling a story with lots of photos. And if we're going to have photos, we can't use stock images because that isn't real, it's not genuine. So we organised group workshops which ended up being amazing and valuable strategy sessions in their own right!
  3. Modern technologies - think smarter not harder. We used 99 designs for our logo, a family member for the photographer and Squarespace for our website.

A fortnight later and for less than $4k, our new website was ready. We immediately ran a sales campaign which smashed industry benchmarks and snagged its first appointment within the first 24 hours. As exciting as the external results are, it was the internal benefits that caught us by surprise. It became a lightning rod for engagement and has helped aligned everyone with our vision.

It was a case of great technology delivering an exceptional business outcome!