Enspire enters its new digs (office)


Enspire enters its new digs (office)

A couple of weeks ago Enspire finally moved into our new amazing workspace at 99 William Street in Melbourne.

We're all excited to be here and love all the new spaces. 

Big thanks to Canopy for helping create this amazing space to continue creating amazing results for our clients.

Feel free to drop us a line and come check it out.



From VMWare to Hyper V


From VMWare to Hyper V

Let me start by letting you know that I’m not an engineering guru when it comes to virtualisation.

What I do know is the business case that comes with virtualisation decisions for any size business.

I look around our office and see all the engineering gurus, and to be honest, I’m happy not to be one – Those handsome devils.

Today I wanted to write about our experience changing from VMWare to Hyper V.

Several months ago we spent a lot of time undertaking a highly successful project to convert 100’s of Virtual Machines from VMWare to Hyper V.


The results of which are amazing in every way.

The first win was actually proving that it could be done, and done well.

We developed an amazing, simple, fast and effective way to automate the process.

Secondly, the result is a better performing, easier to manage and feature rich solution.

The benefit of Hyper V in reference to being feature rich is its compatibility with all things Microsoft.

So when we think about everything around a virtual machine, such as back up, Disaster Recovery, Firewalls, Co-Location, growing or moving infrastructure, the fact that we were effectively dealing with a single platform made things so much more simple.

This fact also avoided a lot of extra costs for additional modules that are all part of the Hyper V or Windows Server architecture that it all sits on.

Additionally, this helps to integrate with Azure for everything from Storage to backup and replication.

Lastly is the magnitude of the cost saving.

It is amazing the difference in bottom line effect that a change from VMWare to Hyper V made for the 100’s of virtual machines we’re referring to.

The savings in license costs alone is in the tens of thousands.

If we take away the pure dollar benefit and talk to our engineers about how they feel after the change, the feedback is amazing.

Surprisingly, each of them mentioned the benefit of retiring tape libraries.

This seems to be a burden most of us overlook till it disappears.

Its amazing how our engineer’s eyes light up when they explain how much of a hassle it was maintaining tape libraries, tape drives and the tapes themselves. 

In conclusion, we always go back on a project and review any lost benefits or negative impacts a change has made.

In every single case, we couldn’t find one.

We have successfully moved all the VM’s from one platform to another, lost nothing, gained so much and reduced costs substantially.

We’d almost say we are experts in this exact type of project.

So if your using VMWare for your virtual environment and would like to know what changing to Hyper V would mean technically and financially, get in touch.

If you’re thinking about the challenge of a VMWare to Hyper V conversion and it seems too big to even consider, let us show you why it’s worth making the change now.

If you’re looking a partner with proven expertise improving your virtual environment, get in touch and let us help you get there.

We’ve got everything you need, including the people, expertise and support.

We’re here to help


1300 366 394




Telephony is really changing


Telephony is really changing

Its amazing how fast office telephony is changing right now when it remained stagnant for so long.

Office VoiP systems have been around but never really been proper VoiP systems to offer a financial benefit to organisations.

They've continued to require internal infrastructure to support them.

Organisations still required NBX, PABX and ISDN on-ramps (those boxy things you have in your office) that cost additional money to use what you thought was going to be a system that worked over the internet.

Skype for Business is making real in-roads globally but in Australia, because of political issues with the existing big players in the industry (Telstra and Optus), the true benefits of a Skype for business solution isn't quite complete.

We've recently partnered with Access4 and the results have been exceptional.

Offering true VoiP telephony.

In fact you don't even need a handset anymore.

Even greater is that your mobile phone becomes part of the office phone environment giving you the ability to make and receive calls as if you were sitting at your desk.

Your mobile phone rings when People call your direct line (not forwarded but duplicated) and able to make calls as if you were calling from your desk, from your office phone number. Finally you could be at the beach and working without anyone knowing any different. Except for the sound of the waves and the birds chirping.

Features like chat, conferencing, video conferencing and an advanced interface are all available from your desktop phone, your mobile phone and your computer or tablet. 

The greatest result of it all is that in every case where we have moved a client to this system, we have reduced their monthly telephone bills by more than 50%. Every month.

For $20 per month, each user can make uncapped national and mobile calls. So if i have 10 people in my office, it wont cost more than $200 per month for calls. If i have 50 people, it won't cost me more than  $1,000 per month.

The average 10 person professional services firm is paying over $1,000 per month today on a standard system, even a VoiP system. The saving is genuinely substantial without losing anything but gaining numerous benefits that traditional phone systems can't offer.

These saving mean you can invest more in growing your business, improving your staff, taking a break or actually getting real value from your main business tool, your telephone.

We'd be happy to take you through the details and make a real difference to where your investment of your money goes so we can help you put it to better use.

Get in touch

Steve Karro


+61 3 8630 3760


MYOB AO and MYOB AE conversions to XERO Practice Manager - Easier than you think


MYOB AO and MYOB AE conversions to XERO Practice Manager - Easier than you think

We get asked all the time about converting data from MYOB AO and AE to XERO & Xero Practice Manager (XPM)(Previously WorflowMax).

Accounting firms are some of the most progressive in the professional services segment

This being the case, accounting firms have embraced cloud based applications and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Often, these same firms feel held back by the remaining one or two applications that require in house infrastructure.

These firms want to move to cloud based application like XERO (XPM) but there is an apprehension based on the high dependence these firms have on their existing Practice Management solutions.

The most common culprits are MYOB with Accountants Enterprise (AE), Accountants Office (AO) and APS.


Together with our partners we have a solution to seamlessly get you moved over, trained, set-up and ready to go. We help to make the difference, ensuring we set up all your templates, data, organisation and processes to make the most of the move. 

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you make the move and make the difference your firm has been searching for.

A full conversion including training and set-up starts at $6,000 and seldom goes above that. 

Call or email us at 1300 366 394 or s.karro@enspire.com.au


Enspire is a people company


Enspire is a people company

Enspire is a people company. This trait became evident during the history mapping session of our annual retreat on the weekend. As people told their stories, we saw how much we value personal connections and why our relationships are so strong. It was a powerful exercise that gave everyone better context to how our culture emerged.

Like most retreats, there was plenty of down time and opportunities for cross team socialising. But with a great Myer-Briggs facilitator, we learnt lots about ourselves (why don’t school have broader curriculums?!) and each other. One of the more interesting debates regarded extraversion. Extreme introverts can feel under pressure when extraverts ‘drag’ them into a group at a party. This awareness horrified some extroverts but the introverts said they were often grateful after overcoming their initial resistance.

Introverts get to practice their non-preference regularly, but who’s helping the extreme extraverts at practicing introversion? Like players with the ability to kick on their non-preferred foot, we can gain a lot by exercising our weaker sides. It was a fun and interesting weekend!


Whats holding you back from benefitting


Whats holding you back from benefitting

Last week we met with 3 providers of the most widely used cloud based applications specific to the accounting industry.

They all mentioned that there is a crucial piece to their puzzle that is missing in order for clients to get the full benefit of using their "cloud based" application.

The biggest issue being that no matter what, there is always 1 or 2 applications that do not have a cloud option so firms are still stuck with having to spend money on capital items such as servers and in-house equipment. In many cases, investing in IT departments to support these applications and their hardware.

This almost negates the financial benefit that cloud applications provide.

The thing is, we have the perfect solution to solve this problem for all of them.

We take those applications that are desktop based or where the cloud version of the desktop application is far more expensive, and host the application\s for you.

This means:

  • You get all the benefit as if your application was a cloud based application
  • No infrastructure costs
  • Only invest in the consumption component and not the equipment component
  • Far better stability and reliability of those same desktop applications
  • Massively increased security that would normally be out of reach for an individual firm
  • Constant monitoring and maintenance
  • Updates able to be applied instantly, available to all users without needing to go from desk to desk to make any changes. 

Our solution is not a virtual desktop that turns your workstations into dumb terminals.

Its published applications accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device, just like your cloud based applications.

If you're not considering this as an option, you're throwing money away on things like infrastructure when you've already made the decision to move some of your business to the cloud to avoid this exact thing. 

There is no need to waste any more time. We are extremely happy to just have a conversation and help you on your way to improving your firm and helping you to become more profitable through reducing your costs. 

We are experts in this field and have so many professional services firms already benefiting. You can too.

Our details are below. Get in touch and see how we can help.


Steve Karro

Client Enablement Manager

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New address from August 2016 - Level 8, 99 William Street | Melbourne| 300

M: 0403 534 398 | D: 03 8630 3760 | T: 03 8630 3739 | F: 03 8630 3799                                

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